Who is threeleggeddog?

threeleggeddog is Randy Mroczynski, Ted Burgess and Chris Kelly. Originally formed as a songwriting workshop with Dale Martell of The Beach Boys touring band, threeleggeddog was envisioned as a means to collaborate and explore the more poppy and tuneful side of the music spectrum. threeleggeddog represents a departure from Randy, Ted and Chris’s companion band The Fab Lushes, a far more traditional project with its own story. With the departure of Dale and the addition of Chris Crepps, threeleggedog ultimately morphed from writing sessions into a full-fledged recording and touring band. After Chris Crepps’ relocation to Austin, Texas and his pursuit of fame and fortune in the traditional Country & Western scene (google him and you’ll see), threeleggeddog continues on as a trio and a means to marry melody with thoughtful lyrics. threeleggeddog has had songs placed in multiple movies including Borough of Kings aka Brooklyn Sonnet and Meth Head. threeleggeddog has also won a Billboard World Song Award for their song Hey Love.

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Three Kinds of Sideways

Hey Love

Have A Little Faith In Me

Red Rum

Catherine Wheel

No Yesterday



Talks In Circles



Ok With This

Tell Me


She Brings Me Peace

Pictures Of Paris

We All Die

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